Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Soon & soonest 2013

                                       happy new year . happy holidays. happy new life.
purity our heart and be kind, then find the changes of your life.
top by topshop.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Home art & measurement

                                         There is a little decoration in our little apartment

Thursday, December 20, 2012

若是不曾走過 怎麼懂 - 作词:吴青峰

揚起了灰塵 回憶裡一場夢 那照片裡的人 瞳孔曾住著我
闔上了過往 夢境活成河流 已滋潤了身旁 真實中的脈搏
生命來到窗前 不吭一聲 拎走了我們
誰為情所困 誰為愛犧牲 誰比誰深刻

當時奮不顧身伸出我的手 看見了輪廓就當作宇宙
甜美的習慣變成生活 才了解了什麼
如今故事發展成就一個我 學會了生活能享受寂寞
劇烈的語言變成溫柔 又帶來了什麼
若是不曾走過 怎麼懂

翻飛了往事 有時灼傷眼眸 那傷人的台詞 現在聽來輕鬆
平息了心思 有時一笑而過 我此刻的樣子 見風仍然是風
生命吹過面前 不吭一聲 劃成了掌紋
揮霍了緣份 看透了景色 我懂得深刻

Monday, December 17, 2012

The wish list?

  In fact, I do not have any Xmas wish list...this was just happened that, we went to do a quick shopping for my hubby Shanghai business trip, however unexpected I grab some stuffs for myself. Checked shirt By Uniglo, Shanghai cookie from Shanghai, cranberries body scrub by Bodyshop, slim cut long pant by Mango, pink pokka dots knit wear by forever 21 cn. thanks to my hubby for the above everything :-) Merry Xmas to all of you :-)

Friday, December 14, 2012


                                                The bob is really the NEW hair now. LOVE IT !

long vs short 长短发效应

                                                                       Short hair again !

My current life like this       :  1000-1030am       wake up
                                         :    100-230pm       job hunting
                                         :    300-400pm      dishes preparing
                                         :    500-530pm      cooking dinner
                                         :    630-700pm      TV and wait for hubby come back

however cooking something is quite fun :-) and I  can wake up late :-p