Wednesday, November 28, 2012

last day in cat city

                                                             Opposite Kuching airport

Kuching Food !

2nd and 3rd day meeting up with my kuching friend Chua Ming, she drove us for some Kuching food. Kuching famous food : Kolo mee, Laksa ,fried kueh teow with tomato sauce ( funny name ah....) ......I personally like Kolo mee much. the taste is very good. just that i cant take meat, but the noodles is tasty :-)


walk..walk...walk...we did lots of walking before meeting up with my Kuching friend on the 3rd day.

                                                                      Meow ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~

                                     Spotted ! at Main Bazzar cost RM55.00 after discounted.

A Cat City without cat.....

Cat City

The cute groom XD

                                        We are taking off to Cat City after our 3rd day married.
                               In fact,  this is a pre-book trip before we both decided to get marriage.
               So, this is just nice for both of us to have a short break after all those busy preparations.

The wedding day

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The blossom life.....

I was really really busy these days.... even tired than my working day to office.
I'm getting lack of time to take care of my skin and hair.
this few days up down for house, furniture,wedding gown.....
but  I think tomorrow wil be ending soon....the main thing already done by  90%...
the rest i do not have time to bother/
Now i just wanna get more rest and sleep before this Sunday coming.....

We had collected our wedding album....not much suprise indeed....
here are some of my favorites.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh ya...I had quit my job.....yeah.

Its day for ROM


A busy year. finally we are getting marriage.


 a typical chinese temple marriage registration. .. ha....